Solution to the Insight Coding Challenge - Venmo Payments

Calculates the median graph connection degree over a 60 second sliding window, in the large, evolving social graph produced through person to person payments on Venmo. C++, Boost, O(log n) algorithms, highly performant, big data on one small machine.

Quality of Movement Classification [Report]

Machine learning project to classify a workout movement as correct, or one of many discrete ways it could deviate, from data based on worn-sensors (accelerometers, positional). The random forest model is fast and over 99% accurate at classifying both test and validation sets. Machine learning, random forests, classification, cross-validation. Source.

Exploring the Effect of Vitamin C on Tooth Growth in Guinea Pigs

This report analyzes the effects of Vitamin C on tooth growth in guinea pigs, by dosage and dosing method. Source.

Investigating the Central Limit Theorem through Simulation

This report explores the Central Limit Theorem (CLT) by repeatedly sampling from a non-normal distribution and analyzing the the means of the samples. Source.

The Costliest and Most Harmful Extreme Weather Events of the Past 65 Years

Exploratory analysis of the NOAA Storm Database, to identify the costliest and most harmful extreme weather events of the past 65 years. Source.

Exploring the Bay Area through Data

An R project that explores Bay Area data in search of where we want to live. Data: crime, home prices, and public transit times. Source.

Digital Lighting Control System UI Prototype

A proof-of-concept web dashboard for a digital interior lighting control system. Source.

Data Visualization Demos

A handful of data visualization demos in D3, from the CSU Long Beach Common Data Set. Source.